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It is my great pleasure to be acquainted with Oscar & Georgina. They are my greatest examples as dancers and teachers. It is through their workshops, private lessons, and DVD's that I have grown the most in my understanding of the fundamentals, both technical and spiritual, of the Argentine Tango. Their love and passion for the dance is evident and contagious. As teachers they instinctively know what their students need, and they are always kind and gentle in their corrections, even though as they say, there is "no vacation" from practicing. When Oscar & Georgina are teaching a class, everyone's eyes and ears are focused on them one hundred percent, because aside from being excellent teachers, they have warm and charismatic personalities.

As dancers and performers, they are who I look to for inspiration, as they dance perfectly and passionately as one. I feel fortunate to own all of their instructional DVD's, which are the most visually beautiful and artistic of all the DVD's I own, and I own a lot of instructional DVDs! Aside from being a visual treat, these DVD's are packed with extremely useful information, which can be referred to again and again. There is a treasure trove of information in them, including bonus sections of exercises and inspiring dance demonstrations, and I recommend them to anyone who is serious about furthering their tango dancing!

-- Rebeca.
   Dancer and teacher, Sacramento, California, USA

It is my pleasure and honor to write on behalf of Oscar Mandagaran and Georgina Vargas. They are in that small, elite group of tango professionals who are both fabulous dancers AND fabulous teachers. This is not just their profession; it is their passion. They give from their hearts, whether they are performing on stage, dancing socially, or teaching new students. They give it all, every time. They don't hold back – they teach those "secrets" of tango that really take their students' dance to another level. The precision that they bring to their every movement, they also bring to their teaching. Excellent at pinpointing the exact issue that is causing a dancer trouble, they teach the underlying movements, the technique, that makes any movement elegant and connected. In my own case, I had been dancing tango for years and had hit a plateau. Though I studied with famous maestros de tango, I just didn't seem to get any better.

When I started studying with Oscar & Georgina, they immediately focused on the problems in my technique that were holding me back. They taught me to work on my fundamental movements that make every step beautiful and graceful. Now I study with them every chance I get... and how fun it is to see the results in my dance! This will be a lifelong study - and I am grateful to have these wonderful people to help guide me in my own love affair with the tango. With such extraordinary beauty and grace in their dance and in their teaching, they are my ideals of perfection in tango.

-- Donna Williams,
   Owner Tango by the River, Sacramento, California, USA

Our wish for tango is that someday everyone will teach like Oscar and Georgina!

In tango, in all dance, there are many beautiful, skilled dancers, with many styles, yet the learning of a subtle, elegant art requires superior teachers. Oscar y Georgina are unique and without peer.

Their continued attention to the consequences of quality of movement based on how that movement is created is rare and refreshing. As in nature, so in their teaching, everything is integrated, energy is conserved and flowing. From the first beginning class steps, to the most advanced students, Oscar y Georgina let you know they understand your needs and emphasize what you are learning.

In an era of 'see what I do?, just do this' , teaching mentality in most communities, Oscar y Georgina are exceptionally professional, credentialed instructors, given the highest respect in the home of Tango. They earn that respect wherever they go, because they submit themselves to improving elegance in the communities they teach. It's like learning to dance with your very best friends!

Between us, we have 60 years of medical practice, 40 years of martial arts, dance and lessons with world famous tango teachers, yet we are still AMAZED at how much more advanced Oscar y Georgina deliver their teaching concepts for the student.
Stop reading this right now!! Go sell your furniture and get to their next class!! Practice to their video teachings everyday! Your body will feel much better, your partner will dream and your tango will live forever.

-- Daniel and Gayle,
   Eugene, Oregon, USA

There are a few great performers, and there are a few great teachers. It is extremely rare to find someone who is both. I think Oscar and Georgina are a treasure. Oscar pours everything into his group classes. He has a very generous spirit, and he seems bound and determined to pass on all he can about the tango we know and love, to his students. Georgina's insightful comments, corrections, and demonstrations, often clear the way when things get difficult. They make an unbeatable team. Private lessons with Oscar and Georgina seem like a month of tango squeezed into an hour. To me, it feels like they want to help each person find their best tango, and Oscar and Georgina are extremely good at this.

In public and in private, on the dance floor and off it, I have never seen Oscar behave with anything other than the greatest respect for his partner, Georgina, and for any other women present. This is important to me, because I believe you absorb more than steps from any teacher you are trying to emulate. In my dealings with Oscar over the past ten years, he has always been a gentleman through and through.

-- Ramiro,
   Sacramento, California, USA

Oscar and Georgina are the two most beautiful dancers and teachers I have ever met. I have attended their workshops regularly in San Francisco and Sacramento, plus a few private lessons here and there. They have always shown the class the importance of techniques, and then illustrated it by showing us certain patterns of using those techniques. Their passion for Tango is highly visible in workshops as well as in their dances. In any workshops and private lessons, both Oscar and Georgina are always 100% focused on their students. Also, their DVDs are great tools for tango techniques. I have watched their videos many times to remind myself of those techniques.

Because of their teaching method, I have been able to dance Tango joyously in northern California and in Buenos Aires. Many Argentine ladies in Buenos Aires have told me that I dance just like a porteno. Have to give credit to Oscar and Georgina for teaching me how to dance milonguero style of Tango. I feel great for being part of the Tango tradition when I live thousands of miles away from Argentina.

-- Norman,
   San Francisco, USA

"The Secret of Oscar's Passion"

Oscar Mandagaran is Power itself. Whoever see he dance finds that he has a huge power. Watch his movement, his facial expression, and his aura carefully. Even if somebody try to mimic them, anybody can not express his intensity.

Please experience overwhelmingly the difference his energetic movements from your fragile one. But you will not leave there alone. Because he will share you the secrets freely that exist in the back of his movements.

In these lesson DVDs, you can see that Oscar and Georgina's sentiment gives steps deepness and brilliance. It occasionally expresses love, painfulness, or passion. You can certainly "see" the cordial sentiment in their dance that never needs any ornament. They lecture you clearly even on how to express sentiment in your steps. So they will remind you the real TANGO containing abundant expresiones.

And these DVD introduce many method that trains your balance with dancing TANGO. They lecture you thoroughly on these mothod as "the secrets" that men and women can dance powerfully. Actually I have never seen such a DVD that comments on fundamental body movements for dancing TANGO in details. On the way you seriously dance TANGO, these will give you wonderful notices and the solid bases for realizing stable movements.

-- Yurie /"TANGO AQUA" at Yokohama, Japan

"The Secret of Oscar's Passion"

-- Written by Yurie(ジュリー) "TANGO AQUA", Yokohama, Japan

Siete semplicemente fantastici e riusciti anche in un semplice tango a trasmetterea chi vi vede la passione, la sensualità e l'armonia che proviene dal vostro abbraccio edalla vostra interpretazione. Per quanto riguarda il vostro insegnamento, ti garantisco che non ho mai trovato altriinsegnanti, e puoi esserne certa che ne ho provati tanti capaci, anche a Baires, capaci dicorreggere ed insegnare in maniera efficace e se vogliamo anche rapida, con chiarezzae senza tralasciare la tecnica. Se dovessi esprimere un giudizio da 1 a 10 direi senz'altro 10 e lode. Grazie per quanto mi avete insegnato. Un abbraccio

-- Luisiana, 
   Roma, Italy

In April 2009 I was in BA and had the unique opportunity to study with Oscar and Georgina three times a week. Together they are exceptional, and if I could, I would insist that anyone learning Tango must learn from them. They exude the essence of tango in their own bodies and dance (it really takes your breath away to see them), but are the most delightful and enthusiastic teachers that I have met. I am a beginner and was surprised to find that they not only had patience and gave me excellent instruction, but they genuinely seemed to care about me. In teaching they combine the ability to give skillful and timely instruction, demand a high level of participation ("no holidays!", as Oscar loves to say while smiling at the beginning of class), while somehow making you feel like what you are doing is important and good. And to anyone who is intimidated by how completely mouthwatering and delightful and passionate their own dance is to look at, you'll be comforted to know that they invited me to a Milonga where they regularly dance among all the other Milongueras to refuel and be at home. I highly recommend grabbing the opportunity to study with them.

Georgina and Oscar developed a way to dance tango that creates a pain free, organic, and natural feeling dance. Since I didn´t realize that about their teaching method before I came to Buenos Aires, this was not why I chose to study with them. So, it came as a surprise to me to notice the pain in my feet and my low back have slowly disappeared. Because I´ve back pain for years I had no expectations of relief from it. But I find that I feel more freedom in my body, and well as I said...very surprisingly.. no pain at all when I dance. I continue to dance without pain months after returning to Portland Oregon.
Similarly, my tango practice continues to be infused with a dynamic energy influenced directly from studying with Oscar and Georgina in person and through their videos.

-- Sarah,
    Portland, USA

"SIMPLY SUPERB!" "Of all the teachers you've brought here, they are my favorites." "I got so much out of these classes. They're amazing" These are just a few of the comments I've received from the people who have taken classes with OSCAR MANDAGARAN & GEORGINA VARGAS.
Last night's classes demonstrated why these two master teachers are in demand all over the world. Their knowledge of the bio-mechanics of balance and their impeccable technique give you the secrets of how to make a movement both elegant and comfortable. Their communication skills in English are excellent and they give maximum personal attention to each student. If you've never had the opportunity to learn from them, don't miss this weekend!

-- Linda Valentino
   Tango teacher and organizer in Los Angeles, USA

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