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Over the course of many years, we have developed a clear and precise teaching method that we use in all of our classes, and that is used by many of our students that are teachers, to teach our technique to their own students. Our teaching system is grounded in the understanding and control of one's own body, which can only be achieved through technique.

Why do we think that technique is so important for dancing? Gaining a mastery of technique is what allows the body to express feeling and allows perfect communication and comprehension between the two people dancing, connected by the tango embrace! If we don't know how to move our body in a fluid and harmonious way, we can't relax the mind enough to enjoy the dance. Working on technique requires, first, the understanding and training of the body to be able to complete certain movements, which at a later stage happens via our body memory, in a way that allows the mind to concentrate only on the expression of feeling, the music, communication and creativity. Technique is purely for the benefit of feeling in the dance.

Another important reason for (studying) technique is to preserve the health of our body. Movements that are done correctly not only benefit our dancing, but also help maintain healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments! Doing movements with the wrong technique can cause pain and physical damage that is very easy to avoid simply by doing the moves in the correct way.

You learn musicality at the same time as you learn technique in our method of teaching. Every lesson and every figure that we teach includes work on musicality in each rhythm, whether it is tango, vals or milonga.

Practicing our technique results in rapid learning of the dance as well as of the figures of the dance, and students are able to enjoy tango more quickly using our method

All of our teaching DVDs incorporate our teaching method and can be used both for individual benefit, as well as for preparing to teach others.



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