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Teaching Method

We teach Argentine tango for dancing socially and for performing on stage. The style we teach is the style of Buenos Aires, the authentic style of dancing tango at a Buenos Aires milonga. After many years of dancing and teaching, we have developed one artistic concept for dancing on the stage, and one for dancing socially at a milonga. Our method is precisely designed to give our students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and develop their skill.

In our lessons we concentrate on all of those qualities that are second nature to every true tango dancer, such as the embrace, musicality, posture, energy, sensuality and elegance. We teach compact tango patterns and sequences that are suitable for social dancing including dancing on a crowded dance floor. We always introduce each pattern by first demonstrating it to give the student an example of the ideal technique and execution of the movement. We have found that this is the best method to allow the students to understand how to use their body to create the same pattern. Afterward we provide individual critiques, and when necessary, dance the pattern with the students to allow them to experience the sensation of correctly executing the steps, and to give them the opportunity to imitate our example.

In addition we focus attention on good technique, because we are convinced it is the foundation for the continuing development of your dancing. This means learning the proper way to carry and move your body comfortably without injury. For this reason we include a short period of warm-up exercises and stretching at the beginning of each class. In this way the student can prepare his/her body to learn the new movements, as well as to introduce the student to short sequences of steps that will be needed later in the class.

In our teaching we emphasize musicality, fluid movements, and good connection with the partner. For us the quality of the students' movements is more important than teaching of a large number of complicated tango patterns. In our teaching we also include an orientation for our students on the traditions of Argentine Tango, including proper etiquette and courtesy on the dance floor.

It is not necessary to come to our workshops with a partner as we encourage the rotation of partners throughout each class. Of course, we do respect students’ wishes if they want to continue to dance with their partner.

We welcome you to work in:

  • Workshops
  • Semi - private lessons
  • Small group lessons
  • Private lessons: individual programs for students
  • Private plan - lessons for professionals - teachers
  • Special workshops for professionals - teachers
  • Techniques and methods for teaching
  • Creative choreography and the development of student style
  • Choreographic refinements and corrections
  • Training for national and international competitions in Salon Style and Show Tango Styles
  • Basic dancing styles and differences between various Tango orchestras.

Topics for Workshops

dancing to "rhythmic" Tango (dancing to traditional style orchestras like D'Arienzo, Rodriguez, Tanturi, Canaro etc.)
- for all levels
dancing to the more romantic and elegant Tango music of evolutionary orchestras such as Pugliese, Di Sarli, De Caro etc.)
- for all levels
  TANGO DE BUENOS AIRES STYLE: - for all levels
  • Oscar & Georgina's Secrets: Technique - for all levels
  • The Tango Embrace - for all levels
  • The close Embrace: the Buenos Aires's Style - for all levels
  • How to do simple patterns elegantly - for all levels
  • Walking - for all levels
  The beauty of Tango I &II & III & IV &V.
These classes will focus on different patterns and the possible variations. In each class we will analyze the quality of the movement, posture, elegance, interpretation of the music, the rhythm, using the phrases of the music, the lead, the ability to follow, and opportunities for embellishments
- for advanced
  • Technique for women. It is possible to decide on one specific pattern to work on. - for all levels
  • Technique for men. It is possible to decide on one specific pattern to work on. - for all levels
  • Technique for couple. It is possible to decide one specific pattern to work on. - for all levels
  • Adornments for romantic music for women and men (such as Pugliese, Di Sarli etc..) - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Adornments for rhythmic music for women and men - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Adornments for couples - intermediate and advanced levels
  • Walking: short and long steps - for all levels
  • Molinetes, giros and enrosques: technique, connection and lead - for all levels
  • Boleos: technique, connection and lead - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Sacadas: technique, connection, impulse and lead - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Giros and enrosques milonguero style - for all levels
  • Lead and following secrets - for all levels
  • Dancing in the rhythm of Tango - for beginner and for all levels
  • Dancing style - for advanced levels
  • Musicality - for all levels
  • Tango rhythm and phrases - intermediate
  • Boleos milonguero style - for intermediate
  • Sacadas milonguero style - for intermediate
  • Paradas - for all levels
  • Arrastres y Barridas - for all levels
  • Dancing in the style of the porteño - for al levels
  • How to lead, follow, and change directions - beginner
  • Special Porteño steps - intermediate
  • Tango: Sensations - for all levels
  • Tango: The Feeling - for all levels
  • Tango: The Body dialogue - for beginner levels
  • Tango: The universal language - for beginner levels
  • Traspie': what they are how to do them and their combinations - for all level
  • Boleos and Sacadas Tango de Buenos Aires style - for intermediate or advanced
  • Density, emotions and smoothness of a pause - for all levels
  • Quebradas - for all levels
  • Giros con Quebradas - intermediate and advanced levels
  • Magnetic movement - for all levels
  • Effects with changes of directions - for intermediates and advanced
  • Corridas - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Complex Tango figures - for intermediate and advanced levels
  • Choreographic show sequences - for advanced
  • Sacadas for performances - for advanced
  • Giros for performances - for advanced
  • Boleos for performances - for advanced
  • Patadas - for advanced
  • Density and elasticity - for all levels
  • "Milonga lisa" - for beginner levels
  • "Milonga lisa" and "Traspie mixta" - for all levels
  • Milonga de Buenos Aires - for all levels
  • Vals de Buenos Aires - for al levels
  • Walking the Vals - for all levels
  • Giros for Vals - for intermediate and advanced
  • Density in Vals - for intermediate and advanced
  • Changing the musicality in a step in Tango, Vals , Milonga. - for intermediate and advanced
  • Tango master lessons. Special for tango teachers and profesional dancers.  
  • Argentine Folk Dance: chacarera, chamame', zamba, gato, malambo and others Folk   Dances in traditional and choreographic style  
  • History of the Argentine Folk dances  
  • Lessons about argentine mate: the history, preparation and symbolism.  

Wherever we teach, the workshop topics are chosen by the organizers.  However, we arrange these topics in a logical order, so that every lesson builds on the previous one and reinforces the success of the following lessons.

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