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About Oscar Mandagaran & Georgina Vargas

Oscar MandagaranOSCAR MANDAGARAN - was born in Misiones, Argentina, starting his professional career as an Argentine Folk Dancer in 1983. 1990-96 Cast member of the National Ballet Folklorico. He holds degrees on: National Professor of Dance, Performer of Latin American Dances, & Arqueology and Anthropology Technician from the Instituto Nacional de Danzas Folkloricas Argentinas. 1990-97: Cast member of some of the best shows in Buenos Aires. Played a part in Carlos Saura's film "TANGO". 1997-2003: Cast member of the Broadway acclaimed show "FOREVER TANGO" and Luis Bravo's MALAMBO show.

Concurrent with his journey as a tango dancer, he developed his career as Maestro and Choreographer of Tango, teaching in the city of Buenos Aires & abroad. His own personal style of dancing is highly acclaimed among other Tango professionals and milongueros. Oscar has the rare ability to transmit all of his energy and passion for the Tango to his students. He successfully shares with great precision all his secrets of the dance with them, including all the aspects of his technique, musicality, his embrace and his essence each and every time. Throughout his entire career as a Maestro of Tango, he trotted the globe teaching workshops, and taking his extraordinary passion and energy, which characterizes him, to every corner of the planet.

Georgina Vargas
GEORGINA VARGAS - milonguera, dancer & Tango singer was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. As a child, she began her studies as a ballet & contemporary dancer. As a teenager, she was introduced to the Tango at the nightly milongas of Buenos Aires. 1999 - 2005 lived in Rome, Italy, where she established her School of Tango and developed her activities as a dance, teacher & singer in Europe & Japan. Has been cast member of some of the best shows in Buenos Aires and worldwide. As a Tango Singer in 2006 she recorded her first CD "Por Aquellos Tangos" and is currently working on a second one, with compositions of her own inspiration. Her passion as a stage dancer and Tango singer comes from her intense vocation as a teacher. Throughout her career she developed a very precise women's technique program, through which every woman can easily show off her femininity in her stiletto heels.


OSCAR and GEORGINA, tango provided an encounter on one enchanting evening, like so many of the magical nights in the city of Buenos Aires on the dance floor of milonga "bien porteña" at "Niño Bien". Ever since together, they have traveled all over the world enjoying their profound feeling and delightful style charged with poetry and passion. Their instant fusion as a tango partner, with a superb and unique style, has allowed them to further expand their talent as dancer, teachers and choreographers worldwide. They transmit their love of the Tango in its pure form and profound essence through their dancing, teaching and artistic generosity. With their great sensitivity and magnetism, this couple stirs in everyone who lays eyes on them a flood of intrinsic and deep emotions. Today, they are recognized as one of the best tango couples on an international level, as shown by their extensive tours throughout the USA, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, etc. They have also been special guests of the Tango show in Buenos Aires: the "Esquina Carlos Gardel". Currently they reside in Buenos Aires with their son Nicolas, where their "Tango de Buenos Aires" Studio gets flooded all day long with Tango teachers, performers and students from all over the world, who comes seeking the invaluable coaching of these extraordinary artists. Their collection of teaching DVD's was recently expanded to include 14 volumes in HD with English subtitles, which are shipped worldwide every day.

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